Finding something beautiful is a rare find indeed. Granada in Spain is one of these rare jewels and along with Seville and Cordoba is considered to be the gem of Andalusia. Granada is rich in culture from a series of conqueror each leaving their own unique influence on the city’s architecture heritage and splendor. You have to see it for yourself to really appreciate the city’s breathtaking vibe.

The biggest reason to visit any place on holiday should be to relax. You need to find a place that captures both your interest in the city as well as giving you all the comforts and entertainment you need to make the holiday worthwhile and memorable. You do not want to go away on holiday where every 5 minutes you are wondering what you are doing there and continuously looking over your shoulder. Granada is one of the safest towns and you will not regret any time spent there.

The biggest attraction on Granada is the architectural setting. Each building and structure has a heritage of its own each with its own story.

The main town is where all the action takes place at night. For such a laid back town the locals of Granada really know how to make a great vibe. Because of all the different cultural influences in Granada you will be hard pressed to find more interesting food. All Mediterranean food is tasty but when you add the Arabic influence into the mix you are left with something that you will never find anywhere else.

The Spanish pride themselves on their Tapas which are served at all restaurants and bars often for free. This goes hand in hand with the Granada sense of hospitality to both locals and tourists to ensure that anyone in Granada feels like they are at home.

You have the choice of where you would like to stay it all depends on your personal opinion. Some tourists prefer the structure of a hotel where they can come and go as they please but still have the option of returning for meals if the need arises. Others prefer the freeness of selfcatering holiday apartments. This option will allow you to really experience Granada’s cuisine first hand. Just a short walk into town and you will come across the market place where you can buy the freshest ingredients to cook up a storm in the comfort of your accommodation.

Getting around the city is not an issue at all. You will be able to find car hire places or public transport that will not leave you stranded. There is also the option of walking seeing as though this is the way you will really get to experience the city first hand and will not miss one piece of detail. If this is your preferred option then it would be wise to find accommodation in the area you wish to be spending most of your time.