We all have these times when we just feel like getting away from the daily grind and taking it easy for a few days. For most of us, taking a trip purely for leisure is surely a hard-earned privilege, so it’s important to make the right decision on where to go for your next vacation.

Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii is one perfect retreat whether you plan to go by yourself, with your partner or with your whole family because the place offers so many attractions and activities that can suit anybody. There are also numerous available types of Kona vacation rentals—from condos and apartments to whole houses—that you can stay in depending on your preferences.

Vacationing in Kailua Kona

An ideal Hawaiian vacation is what you can expect in Kailua Kona. You’ll never get enough of the beach, which is the main attraction of this destination. You can take early morning strolls on the soft sand as the water crashes ashore to greet you. During the day, there are many things you can do like swim, surf, dive, snorkel, sail, and even go fishing for tuna and marlin. You’ll have a chance to see amazing aquatic wildlife including exotic fish, beautiful corals, sea turtles, dolphins, and even watch whales.

You’ll be glad to know too that, in between the wondrous views of the beach and Mount Mauna Loa, there are numerous shops and restaurants lining the main street, where you can be sure to get anything you might need. Just a short distance from the town, in South Kona district, you can visit plantations of coffee and macadamia nut, where there are also an abundant number of mango, avocado, papaya, grapefruit, and banana trees.

Because the town sits on the Western side of the Big Island, you can look forward to spectacular sunsets during your stay. So when choosing from your options for Kona vacation rentals, a place with a direct view of the bay is highly recommended.

Where to stay

If you are taking the trip alone, as a couple or with a small group of friends, you can book a 1-2-bedroom apartment or condo near the waterfront. Choose units that have terraces and window views of the ocean. You’ll find that hardwood floors are quite a common feature among these Kona vacation rentals, as well as modern kitchen appliances and cozy décor. You’ll also have access to a swimming pool and a tennis or volleyball court, that is, if you would want to do such activities over just being at the beach.

If you are vacationing with your family, you can enjoy more quality time and a different experience if you opt for a rental home rather than a hotel. There are properties for rent right on the waterfront where you can maybe enjoy a family breakfast on the lanai, while viewing the coast. In the private community of Kona Bay Estates, for instance, your family can enjoy total privacy in paradise in a 4-bedroom home with your own swimming pool and spa, and even your own private beachfront. Classy furniture, beautiful hardwood accents, and elegant stone floors really make these Kona vacation rentals the more luxurious choice for people who want to make the most of their vacation experience.