Planning a holiday in New Zealand can be an overwhelming experience with the tasks of finding things to do, appropriate accommodation and making reservations.

Travel agencies are more than willing to take on this task for you but work mainly with limited number of touring providers and charge a fee to the customer for the services provided. Another more flexible and less expensive method has been made possible through intelligent internet services such as those provided at

Here the focus is on what to do and interesting events taking place in local communities. Accommodation and transport with the best available prices is then matched to geographic coordinates of desired travel activities to create an optimized itinerary for traveling in New Zealand.

The travel planning solution offered by is targeted to independent travelers that want complete freedom of choice and customization of their travel itinerary according budget and personal requirements. Since there is no need for travel agent services, cost can be dramatically reduced and there is no bias on the available options. Creating a travel itinerary for New Zealand is free and can be quickly and easily modified by adding and removing items as well as shared via email and social networks.

There are many packaged deals for vacations in New Zealand but to really immerse in the “kiwi experience” one needs to go off the beaten track and discover local cultures. To do this we can find and participate in local events and activities at the grassroots level. allows us to do this with complete freedom to create an optimized itinerary in order to attend as many events that interest in the time that we have.

Whether its adrenaline seeking adventure activities like bungy jumping or admiration of native Maori art, appropriate events and activities can be quickly found and included in New Zealand travel plans. See in real life the beautiful untouched natural landscapes as seen in the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogies, or watch the legendary All Blacks play rugby on their home turf. Less known local events can also be included gain a unique and real experience in the New Zealand way of life in different regions.

All available transport and accommodation options are then searched to find the best possible prices to dramatically reduce travel costs. In a nutshell, provides and simple and intelligent travel planning solution for New Zealand that saves both time and money.

New Zealand travel guide allowing the simple creation of optimized travel itineraries with freedom to choose activities and events as well as reservations at the best possible prices.