Looking for ideas on how to spend your next well-deserved vacation? How about experiencing an island paradise but with all the comforts of a luxurious home? Well, St John Island is just the kind of place that can offer you both. Check out St John villa rentals now and enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own exclusive retreat on your next vacation.

St John Villas

You have two main location choices when it comes to St John villa rentals: hillside or beachfront. You can choose a beachfront property if you’d rather have the great sea as your backyard, but a hillside property is no less appealing with its wider view of the shoreline and ocean, as well as the relative isolation provided by the abundant trees.

If you’re going to St John for your honeymoon or a romantic vacation, you will find the smaller 2-bedroom villas ideal. There are also bigger villas with 4 to 5 bedrooms if you have your whole family with you or if you’re vacationing with a number of friends. Whether small or big, you can expect these villas to be decked out to make your stay in St John a luxurious and comfortable experience. The great thing is, while you’re there, you’ll know what it feels like to live in your own mansion in the Caribbean—it’s the kind of life you’ll never want to leave.

Your own swimming pool, hot tub, outdoor dining area, gourmet-designed kitchen, and a 180° view of the coast, sea and neighboring islands are just some of the features that are common to these St John villa rentals. You’ll also find both warmth and elegance in the locally crafted stone floors, hardwood cabinetry, teak furniture, and overall professionally designed interiors. These villas are also complete with almost all kinds of modern conveniences—from kitchen appliances to satellite TV, DVD players and movie libraries, high-speed internet access, and sometimes even the latest gaming consoles—that even the kids will feel right at home. You can also call on maid service if you prefer to just relax and not do any cleaning up.

The Charm of St John

St John is the kind of island you would want to be marooned in—with its lush green hills, well-preserved forests, captivating beaches, secluded coves, and other natural wonders. You can choose to just laze around and forget about the rest of the world on any of its sandy or pebbled beaches, or wash off all other concerns by taking a relaxing swim in the clear blue waters. Perfect beaches are what make an ideal island getaway, and St John has them a-plenty. If you’re the adventurous type, you’ll have lots to explore on St John, especially since two-thirds of the island is considered a National Park. On foot, you can follow a Park Ranger through forest trails leading to the ruins of sugar plantations and ancient rock carvings. Safari tours are also available if you’d rather reserve your energy for other activities.

At night, you can mingle with locals and other tourists in the bars and restaurants of Cruz Bay. You can also get your supplies and souvenirs from the various shops there. Cruz Bay is only a few minutes away from most St John villa rentals.