Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy and you have always wanted to visit this historical area.  You’ve always heard that it is filled with old world elegance and distinction, the center of the Italian Renaissance.  Some of the greatest art was produced in this region and can be found in the many museums and galleries in Florence .  The leaning tower of Pisa is also located in this area and being able to experience the ambiance of the country side is a very appealing proposition to you.  Instead of just going to a hotel, consider Tuscany villa rentals instead.

What the area has to offer

Tuscany villas are dotted all over the tranquil landscape and they keep you well in reach of places to see.  This is the area that inspired Michelangelo and Da Vinci and you can enjoy a slow pace in the increasingly busy world we all live in.  From vineyards to historical ruins to exquisite food cooked in true Italian tradition, Tuscany can offer you a relaxing vacation.

If you are single, and enjoy hiking, there are plenty of places to go to get your exercise.  The city of Lucca has one of the most well preserved walls in Italy complete with walking and bicycling paths.  They allow you to walk around the cities historic center, giving you a bird’s eye view of the sights.  There are also well-preserved towers that you can climb that shows off not only the city, but a beautiful presentation of the rolling hills of the region as well.

The city of Cortona has become well known ever since it was featured in the book and the major motion picture, Under the Tuscan Sun.  It is surrounded by a 3,000 year old wall that preserves the history of the city.  The city offers a variety of restaurants and wine-tasting and is the perfect place for that romantic getaway for you and you significant other.

Families visiting the region will be interested in trying to instill a sense of the arts in children by visiting Florence.  There are many museums throughout the city that are loaded with painting and sculptures by the original Italian masters.  The Medici palace and its gardens are also located here and provide you with a place to relax and enjoy the weather while the children explore the flora.

Choosing a villa

Tuscany villa rentals come with numerous options designed to make your stay more enjoyable.  You can rent a farmhouse apartment, cottage, or even a private home completely furnished with amenities such as swimming pools.  For example, Villa i Colli in the Chianti area, is an ancient farmhouse that has been restored complete with vaulted terra cotta ceiling and wood beams.  The garden surrounding this villa offer a private pool and is within driving distance of many area attractions.  The villa offers accommodations for up to sixteen peoples.

Why Tuscany?

If you are planning on visiting Italy, make sure the Tuscany region is on your agenda.   Tuscany villa rentals will allow you to experience the feel of the region, including the exotic food, the local wine, and the atmosphere that has made it famous.  You will want to see the sites and enjoy the art.  And you will truly leave a part of yourself behind when you leave.