Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps.  It’s the home of Wayne Newton, gambling and showgirls.  It’s also one of the most fun cities in the west even for people who do not gamble.  If you are considering a trip to Sin City, then you may want to look into vacation rentals in Las Vegas.

What TO See IN Vegas

Las Vegas is as much a family city as it is for couples and singles.  There are many attractions that will appeal to children, such as the roller coaster ride at New York New York hotel, the children’s playroom and jousting competition at the Excalibur, and the hotel known as Circus Circus, filled with clowns, animals, and circus performers.  Older children will enjoy the movie memorabilia at the Hard Rock café in the concourse of Caesar’s Palaces, and there is no end of swimming pools, wading pools, and lazy rivers to be found for visitor’s enjoyment.

Singles and couples will enjoy the many places to gamble, if that is their cup of tea.  Each hotel has their own nightclubs ranging from hard rock to blues, and of course, headline shows such as Barry Manilow and the hit musical ‘Spamalot’.  There are also attractions near Vegas that visitors of all types will enjoy, such as Lake Mead, the Valley of Fire walking our filled with petroglyphs, and of course the one place you won’t want to miss, the Grand Canyon.

The Homes

Vacation rentals in Las Vegas range from secluded getaways to celebrity hideouts.  The homes are available throughout the year, allowing you to visit in the winter to ski or in the summer to enjoy one of the many golf courses in the area.  You can rent a penthouse in one of the hotels on the trip or get a villa that will accommodate up to thirty of your closest friends and family.  This is a great option if you are getting married in Las Vegas and you want to invite a few guests.

The rental homes are in some cases, mini-resorts with their own swimming pools, spas, and tennis courts.  They all have fully functional and equipped kitchens which allow you to save money on eating out, and if you just don’t feel cooking for the night, but you want to stay in, there are on call chefs that will come and cook for you at certain locations.

You and your family will have plenty of room to move around in when you rent a vacation home.  Everyone has their own bed, they can stretch out on the couch, or simply do their own thing when they get ‘home’.  Plus, if you have a big family who are close, you do not have to worry about what’s going on in the other hotel room.

Come Visit Las Vegas

Vacation rentals in Las Vegas also provide you with a safe environment for you and your children.  While Vegas has become more family friendly with their video arcades, IMAX theaters, and shopping malls, it is still a city filled with gambling and other adult nightlife activities.  By staying in a rental home, you can choose what your children are exposed to while still providing with a fun, and safe vacation .