Figuring out the difference of Vacation Rentals versus Hotels leaves many vacationers scratching their head. They both have pros and cons, so what you really need to think about is what “you” want out of your vacation and then compare the differences between rentals vs. hotels.

The thing to remember when considering a vacation rental or a hotel is that regardless if one may be better than the other, one of them is better for you, that’s what you need to figure out. Think about these factors and what matters the most as you plan your next vacation:

· Cost

At the end of the day, when comparing the vacation rentals versus hotels cost savings, you will never get as much square footage for your dollar as you will if you chose vacation rentals, not to mention the other miscellaneous savings you will benefit from. Let me explain…

Regarding square footage, with a vacation rental you’re not paying on a per room basis or for the number of people staying there, instead you’re paying for the home/condo your renting. Need 3 rooms to accomodate everyone? With a hotel you would need to actually pay for each room or have everyone “bunk” up together in one room. Figure out how many beds you need and then find a vacation rental that offers that many, but the great part is you usually also will get a kitchen and living room…plenty of space for everyone.

The savings continue on though. You won’t be required to eat out for every meal, as most rentals have fully equiped kitchens including cooking and eating utensils. This not only saves on breakfasts, lunches and dinners, but the convenience allows vactioners to eat and snack whenever they want.

With a hotel you can usually get a room for as many nights as you want and with rentals there is usually a minimum of 3-days or a week period. The difference here is that a week in a rental versus a hotel will always been cheaper when you compare the amount of space you need to accomodate your family.

When comparing rentals versus hotels cost savings, rentals will save you more, giving you more money to do other fun things.

Number of Guests

When vacationing with a large group, there is no question whether or not you should choose a vacation rental or hotel.

The answer is clearly—–Vacation Rental!

Whether your vacationing with a large group of friends, multiple families, your extended family, with you and family including pets, you and family with your parents, whatever, vacation rentals are by far the best choice. Besides the cost savings that you’ll have and much more space per guest so you’re not on top of each other all the time, you’ll also have a whole lot more opportunities to choose from. The majority of hotels out there are not setup or capable of housing multiple guests in the same room or accommodation, instead you’ll be forced to rent multiple rooms, with the occasional opportunity to have rooms linked.

Yes, with a hotel you get individual bathrooms, bedrooms and privacy at night, but you sacrifice the whole experience and reason you go on vacations with family or friends, to spend time together. In addition, when you rent hotel rooms, someone’s room is ultimately commandeered to become the meeting or hangout room….so much for their privacy!

Vacation rentals allow multiple guests and give you much more room to enjoy yourselves. There are plenty of bathrooms based on the size home you rent, rooms to relax and sleep in and almost always a common area or living room where everyone can hangout and talk, play games or watch a movie. There is plenty of room for everyone to stretch out and enjoy their vacation. If you have way too many guests than your vacation rental can accommodate, you can always rent a house or condo next door, which will still be much cheaper and more spacious then multiple hotel rooms. With a vacation rental you’ll never find yourself feeling “cooped” up like you would in a hotel.

A large group vacationing together needs a room that they can call their own while still having the opportunity to enjoy their vacation with family or friends and that’s what a vacation rental offers. Vacation rentals offer the large group looking for a vacation accommodation the best choice.
There are also some other factors that you need to consider:
– Privacy
– Flexibility
– Pet Friendly
– Scheduling & Customer Service
– Length of Stay

I recommend sitting down with a piece of paper and categorizing which of these are a must or most important all the way down to which are the least important. Also get an opinion from any others going on the vacation and what their priorities are when comparing a rental versus a hotel. This planning will get you closer and closer to having a great vacation and really help you sort out the pros and cons of Vacation Rentals versus Hotels.